The Relationship between Ordinary and Extraordinary Experiences

Do you know people like Kent and Jim?

Kent and Jim are both long time meditators.

Kent has had many extraordinary spiritual experiences.
Jim has had none.

However, both are awake to more or less the same degree.

How is this possible?

Here is an analogy:

Jim and Kent are in a very dark and deep cave. They are seeking the light of day. (Enlightenment)

i) Jim follows a tunnel to the right. The tunnel slopes up to the surface very gradually. The intensity of daylight in the tunnel also increases very gradually. Slowly, slowly Jim makes his way to the surface. He doesn’t think about the light - he simply sees more and more clearly as he moves toward the surface. It is all very ordinary and natural. Eventually, Jim reaches the light of day. He sees with a rare clarity. He is enlightened.

ii) Kent follows a steep vertical tunnel to the left. The tunnel is a series of ascending rock platforms. As he climbs to each new platform the intensity of daylight in the tunnel increases in a brilliant burst. Each burst of light overwhelms Kent’s eyes, until he adjusts to the new light level. They are extraordinary experiences. Eventually, Kent makes it to the surface. Once his eyes adjust for the last time he thinks not about the intense light, he simply sees clearly. He is enlightened. So what has happened to the brilliant light? It is still there – in the very appearance of things.

In the end, for both Kent and Jim, things are very ordinary. It is just this.

Each one of us moves into the Light in his or her own way.

It is your way.

Once they see clearly, Kent and Jim accept each other’s way.

This is beautiful.



  1. Nice analogy, Tallis.

    Yes, I know quite a few "meditators" like Kent and especially Jim. But as a general rule I much prefer blokes who sit on crates. A bloke who sits on a crate knowing he is sitting on a crate might be awake already. Whereas meditators are sometimes people who go ever deeper... where the sun does not shine. I am in your uncle's camp.

    All the best,


  2. I like the way you put that Mike.

    Hmmm . . .


    Take care.

    I'm biting my tongue. (Holding my fingers still.)

    Time to sleep and to dream.


  3. I like this analogy. Looking forward to exploring your blog. I don't write as much as I used to at isaiah knows nothing- I have a new website: Spirituality and music. You should check that out.

    also Twitter @rockom and @tommycrenshaw

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  4. Going to RockOm now.

    Thanks for the visit Isaiah.

  5. Yes, each person must find and follow their own path.