I awoke this morning to find my wife and daughter playing. I opened my eyes to see beautiful long flowing hair dancing in the sunlight. It must be my wife, I thought. She turned around – no it was my daughter. (Wow, when did she turn into a little girl?) She smiled and said, “Daddy’s wake,” – a nice way to begin the day.


  1. The Key to lasting happiness is to identify with the unchanging essence of your inner self, your source.
    Then you no longer look for happiness because you know that you already have it.

    Quote from Deepak Chopra

    I change my life when I change my thinking.
    My granddaughter has really changed my life. I look at her so full of wonderment and joy.
    I watch her play and giggle with delight at every tiny little thing. It is a new and wonderful experience now entering my life and I treasure her with all of my being. She is my shining light.