An Artist's Empty Canvas

fingers caress an artist's empty canvas
feeling the texture itself as a kind of art
emptiness as fullness
darkness has become sunshine 
enveloping love expanding

birdsong is lifted up by the afternoon breeze
the breeze continues through the aspens, becomes a passing car becomes a distant chainsaw 
it's a miracle how experiences blend into one another
silence to gentle breeze to inner stillness to water splashing to kids laughing to warm sunshine to love overflowing

Little Transformations

Stress, the pressure to succeed, transformed by the breath into pure presence becomes a driving will.

Sitting with this feeling, a dislike of others, of muscles restricting  - then slowly releasing into deep acceptance of oneself.

Anxiety, worry flooding the body - is only the Light, full of excitement, animating this moment with dynamic energy.

Looking for Light in All the Right Places

The spiritual search for the 'True Self' is like looking for light. But everything you see is light. You cannot not see it. To see anything whatsoever is to see light! That is what you are! Light! Everything! This realization is very simple and very profound. It changes everything and it changes nothing. But there is another realization hidden inside of this one, waiting to be discovered. It changes everything and nothing remains unchanged. The second realization comes by slowly learning to differentiate the light from the objects that reflect the light. In the first realization you learn what you are; in the second, you under-stand what you are not.

Soft Radiant Joy

hidden within it's endless forms all is Light
the source of this Light is within and without
in the absence of pleasure or pain - dull empty neutrality (a lie)
existence is not neutral, it's positive, luminous energy radiating
the feeling of dull empty neutrality, when known as pure energy, 
is soft radiant joy