Just a reminder . . .

So I just wanted to remind everyone that reads this blog that because I’m really not that smart please don’t take anything I say very seriously – of course.

I mean in all the ways that intelligence can be measured – from traditional I.Q. tests (and E.Q. tests) to understanding and perhaps explaining emptiness – we are really not so swift in the brain or the rest of the body, relatively speaking that is.

Let’s say that my I.Q. is around 170, (it’s not, but let’s just say it is) that’s pretty smart by today’s standards, but I can see how in a few centuries with developments in technology (medical bio-computers etc . . .) that a good number of people’s I.Q.s might be pushing 1000. (They’d have to design new I.Q. tests for sure.) What about in a few millennia?

Someone with an I.Q. of 2000 might not have much in common with somebody with an I.Q. of 170. (Factor in the fact that the I.Q scale itself increases exponentially and you can pretty much equate an I.Q. of 2000 with God’s Intelligence give or take a few infinities.)

That is how I look at everybody’s advice and insight – relatively.

I look at the Buddha’s sutras and I pretty much think that this guy was probably not so bright, just like the rest of us. I mean we have a lot to learn.

Anyway, what I am saying is that relatively speaking we are all morons.

I think that would be a good club to start: “The relative morons of the 21st century.”

(Maybe they could rename Mensa something like ‘The Mensa Morons’ – kind of has a nice ring to it.)

Yes we are all relative morons! Let us celebrate all relative moronicalness!

So what was I talking about?, oh yes: What is time? Okay next post I’ll get back to that . . . really. Hmmm, does that mean that God is a moron too, relatively speaking? Of course, God isn’t relative, God is Absolute! – Does that mean that God is an Absolute moron? No, I’m getting confused again. Which reminds me of the point of this post . . . I'm a little slow in the head sometimes so please don’t take anything I say very seriously. (But I bet you’ve already figured that out.)

Anyway, thank you for reading.



  1. I've never really related too well to the concept of intelligence. In fact, I was 'pigeonholed' as a genius in the school system. My brother was called 'learning disabled'. But we just played together. As far as use and development of consciousness and the brain, I believe there is a water-level between the conscious and unconscious minds, the empirically known and patently unknown. As that water line drops, as more cognative functions move into awareness, there is an increased ability to see connections between things. Remembering facts is no linger as important, because if anyone asks you anything, you can just empty your mind and reason it out from a blank page.

    What is Time is a fun question. I don't know, but it's fun to think about. One thing I've noticed is that time exists with actions. How long does it take to lift the arm to reach the glass on the shelf? Another way of looking at that same situation is to think of it as the intention to fulfill sense desire expressed by a body filled with energy in a gravitational field.

    Nice mix of philosophy on your blog! Thank you :)

  2. Interesting comment Ken. I like the gravitational field thing. Sounds impressive! Thanks for reading.