Addicted to Silence

Most people are addicted to thinking – letting a voice incessantly rambling on and on inside their minds.

But some people are addicted to silence – they “incessantly” don’t think about anything whatsoever. (The space between thoughts has expanded to such a degree that their minds are usually absolutely silent.)

In some ways being addicted to silence is even worse than being addicted to thinking.

Why worse?

Well, worse if silence is confused with emptiness (śūnyatā: all phenomena are dependent and conditioned on other phenomena and therefore are without essence).

Worse if silence is equated with nothing, is mistaken for Enlightenment – because if that’s the case you may start giving people some pretty terrible advice.

And worse still because, let’s face it, silence of the mind gets a bit boring after awhile.

If you’ve reached a state of silence of the mind and feel slightly let down, wondering, “Is that all? Is this it?” – don’t worry, that is not all, this is not it.

There is still more to come . . .

So you have silence of the mind – now what?

Sit with it. Notice that silence is something. I like to notice that silence is a type of sound – that it is a type of auditory experience. Notice that you are not this experience.

Just wait . . . while sitting in silence with the realization that you are not silence – something rather remarkable is bound to happen . . .



  1. Hmmm, seems to me that when you notice the silence in your has just become not silence anymore.

    But what do I know. Not much.

    Peace to you, Tallis.

  2. Beautiful Post...Thank you for following my blog...your words are truly much truth! I hope you have a blessed day.

  3. Your soul thrives on silence. From deep inside, you receive your most certain guidance and instruction. In silence, you are without distractions.

  4. Elehuia,

    Thank you for the kind words.

  5. Anonymous,

    Your words are beautiful! You speak of deep silence - the silence beneath silence. Thank you for reminding us that places of great stillness are waiting to be found inside of us.